Our story takes place in the realm of Arcadia, a land still recovering from a cataclysm called “The Scream,” which drained all magic from the world 3,600 years prior. The Scream resulted in the death of all living beings touched by magic, along with the nullification of all magical items and artifacts. Although non-magical people of nearly every species survived The Scream, magic had been an intrinsic element of society and technology; without its power, the survivors struggled to recover and learn new ways to provide for themselves. This bleak era came to be known as “The Silence.”

Life continued in Arcadia, though without the glory and luxury of the previous Age. The survivors of The Scream eventually abandoned the notion of bringing magic back to the world, and focused on thriving without it. Studies on commerce, infrastructure, and governance became the focus of this new society. Conflict was resolved either through diplomacy, subterfuge, or martial skill. It seemed the people of Arcadia had finally adjusted to the absence of magic. Until…

3,000 Years after The Scream, within The Silence, a miracle occurred in Arcadia: Magic began to gradually return to the world. Children came to be born with innate magical prowess; the old methods of arcane study once again resulted in successful spellcasting; the once-inert artifacts from The First Age began to reactivate and function. This new, hopeful era was named “The Echo.” The return of magic brought a renewed interest in artifacts from The First Age. Salvage and retrieval of these artifacts became lucrative ventures for any who were lucky enough, or skilled enough, to capitalize on them. It is in the 600th Year of The Echo that the our heroes’ adventure begins.

The Grand Chorus